Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The school year is here. I think it's important for every teacher to start the year with personal goals, not just for their students, but for themselves as well. As a teacher, my goal has remained the same for the past 3 years. Perhaps, it will be the same goal until I retire. My goal as a teacher is to impact the lives of my students in the same way that my fiance does. Annie Marie Raczko has a gift. She is the most incredible and inspirational educator I have ever seen! I am amazed by her on a daily basis, but it is truly a treat when I have the opportunity to see the love of my life doing what she does best... teach. She touches the lives of her students in such a profound way that they will always remember the name "Ms. Razz" and never forget the positive impact that she had on them. Annie's students genuinely love her and appreciate her for all that she does for them, and she loves and appreciates them right back. It is truly remarkable. Any teacher should aspire to be a teacher like Annie Raczko. I know that I do.