Sunday, July 25, 2010

NT Camp 2010


 NT Camp 2010 was AWESOME! As a whole, I had a blast and learned so much from the wonderful presenters and participants at this truly spectacular unconference. Thank you Andy Marcinek and everyone else responsible for giving us this great professional development opportunity. Being able to converse with the likes of Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby), Steven Anderson (@web20classroom), Kyle Pace (@kylepace), Mary Beth Hertz (@mbteach), Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1), Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), David Ginsburg (@CoachGinsburg), Shannon Miller (@shannonmiller), David Timony (@DrTimony), and countless others about various education topics proved to be a deeply. This was a wonderful extension of EdCamp Philly, which itself was an extension of BarCamp Philly. I think that with all of these extensions, we are going to reach great heights.

 I participated in a few different workshops and I learned a lot from all of them. One of the workshops was titled SMACKDOWN, presented by Steven Anderson. It was a very interesting concept for a workshop. Every participant was required to get up in front of the room and present a web tool, program, or website, to the workshop attendees. It wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be and I left with a wealth of new web tools and resources, some of which I had never even heard of; luckily, only a few bruises. In any case, here is the SMACKDOWN hitlist, as compiled by Steven Anderson and the NT Campers.
 #NTCamp Smackdown Tools Shared

1) Read It Later: Saving websites to investigate for later.

2) Edmodo: Private social networks/ online classrooms for students and teachers.

3) Gpanion: all your Google Apps in one place.

4) Twiducate: Another private social network for the classroom

5) Orbs: -Very easy website creator.

6) Skype: -Free video calling ( and

7) Picture This: -Teaching the importance of visual literacy.

8) Story Corp: -Giving real people, real voices.

9) Vocaroo: Free vocal recording online.

10) Prezi: Create visually appealing presentations.

11) YoLink Labs: Harness the power of YoLink with some cool features for your RSS Reader and Blog

12) Audio File Magazine: Listen to audio books read by some really cool people and a social network for teens to talk about reading.

13) Google Reader: A very powerful RSS reader with tons of customizable features.

14) Yammer: Another option for a private social network for teachers, schools and districts. (Invite by similar email address.)

15) Symbaloo: - Great dashboard for all of your apps.

16) Yolink: - multi-step search. yolink looks behind pages, through links. and inside of documents. We take unwieldy results and surface key information so you can focus on getting things done. It supercharges Google Alerts.

17) Scratch: - Drag & drop programming & art for animations & games; great for humanities content cross-over into kid friendly logic/math based programming; huge online community support & accessible to elementary school kids

18) SweetSearch4Me: - selective, custom search engine that elevates high quality results created for emerging learners.

19) Weebly: numerous design templates, access to coding, free

20) Weebly for Education: special management features for educators, free

21) WikiSpaces: education features (ad removal), free

22) Wix: Flash-based sites, free

23) Yola: free and pro versions - Make a great-looking website now with our easy-to-use tools

24) SimplyBox Great visual way to show sites. Ex. Worldcup sites

25) iNudge: No download, "Everyone can create music"

26) Jam Studio: create music with chords

27) The Virtual Piano: be sure to click and drag the music book on the piano

28) Keyboard Drum Kit: no option to save or to create compositions

29) CodeOrgan: "plays" a website. Complete time waster!

30) Online MP3 Cutter:

31) Audiotool: sophisticated music maker

32) Soundation: create music on the web

33) Aviary Music Creator:

34) Aviary Myna: online audio editor

35) Nature Sounds Mix: select and mix up to four sounds, play, download

36) Twiddla-
Multi-user, real time whiteboard and collaboration space

37) Troovi: Super easy way to collect photos from multiple people with just a URL - No sign in required, although if you have an account, you can keep track of your photos if you lose the URL.

38) Livebinder of AASL 25 Top Websites for Teaching and Learning: This livebinder contains a variety of free online tools.

39) Readability Makes reading on the web more enjoyable- cleans up the pages.

40) SQWORL Easy way to share bookmarks with people that featuring a thumbnail of that site, VERY short urls & a toolbar add link button!

I hope some of these, if not all, will be of use to you!

  All of these unconferences have spoiled me. I yearn for more professional development opportunities. I am so excited about going to EdCamp NYC to continue learning and growing as an educator. I already have my tickets. Do you? DON'T MISS EDCAMP NYC!

 I thought it would be interesting to sum up my day at NT Camp 2010 by providing a comprehensive summary of my tweets and retweets throughout the course of the day. Check 'em out and let me know what you think! You should be able to find some quality resources in the people and websites that are referenced in the following tweets:
    1. RT @dannymaas: Edistorm -web-based brainstorming app incl. idea templates & iPhone/iTouch app! #edchat #creativity
    2. RT @eonline: Avengers Cast Flocks to Comic-Con, With New Hulk! #ADM
    3. RT @Library_demon: Transliteracies and Libraries #edu21 #ntcamp
    4. RT @educatoral: RT @Nunavut_Teacher Evolving Schools for a Whole New Mind #edu21
    5. RT @PhillyPhillies: Moyer's career brilliant but not Hall-worthy <---MAYBE NOT FIRST BALLOT, BUT HE WILL...AND IS WORTHY.
    6. RT @dannymaas: 5 Free Tools to Create Mobile Version for your website: #edtech #edchat #ntcamp #edu21
    7. @kylepace It was great to have the opportunity to meet and converse with you in person. I'm glad you made it home safely. Take care! #ntcamp
    8. RT @educatoral: RT @tonnet Educate yourself (& your students) about Media and Government Propaganda #ntcamp
    9. RT @spedteacher: @bf_teach4change Dec 4 at The School - Columbia Univ. #edcampnyc <---GOT MY FREE TIX! HAVE YOU? #ntcamp
    10. @DrTimony It was fun sharing ideas today at NT Camp and great to see you again!
    11. RT @shareski: creativity, forget about it if you want a good grade
    12. RT @tomwhitby: RT @WhoDatGirl63: RT @dalmatiasecond: Build A PLN: A Newbie's Guide #edu21
    13. RT@bhwilkoff: New Learning is Change blog entry: Question 205 of 365: Why don't we clear the board more?
    14. RT @hadleyjf: RT @tonnet Teaching is all about inspiring your students and yourself. - @edudemic Inspiration and learning! #edu21
    15. RT @spedteacher: "The Importance of Problem-Solving Skills" A new blog post #edu21
    16. @web20classroom It was great conversing with you in person!Twitter is great, but the humanistic side yearns for face 2 face.Enjoy the food!
    17. RT @ShellTerrell: Join free 48hr e-conf July 30- Aug. 1! Click on tabs to see Presenter bios,great prizes,& CEU credit
    18. RT@budtheteacher: Try this sometime - tell your friends that,no,they're not getting older.They're just "legacy."
    19. RT @ShellTerrell: Calling all bloggers! – Leadership Day 2010 How will you participate? via @gcouros #edchat #30goals
    20. RT @Ron_Peck: The 100 Best (And Free) Online Learning Tools #edu21
    21. RT @rkiker: RT @kristenswanson: @andycienek Thanks for a great day. You did a great job with #ntcamp!
    22. RT@rkiker:RT@jswiatek: If you missed it. Easy way to follow all those participating in #ntcamp today? List of tweeps-
    23. RT @JusticeProd: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Project Twenty1 of Justice "Sneak peek"
    24. RT @mjgormans: My New Post:1000's Free Digital Media Resources..Multi-discipline..Learn/Create! Enjoy/Share! #edu21
    25. RT @ShellTerrell: @tkubed @suewaters is what got me started with blogging! She's super helpful & her posts fantastic
    26. RT @ShellTerrell: via @terryfreedman Also on the web: 07/24/2010 (p.m.) #edtech #edu21
    27. RT @educatoral: A Classroom Management Strategy For The First Days Of School #ntcamp
    28. RT@njtechteacher:Differentiation Resource Kit- @geraldaungst Under construction but great! #ntcamp
    29. RT @kylepace: @bethstill Sounds like 3Cs of the web grad class I taught: Tools to Create, Collaborate, and Connect. #ntcamp
    30. RT @educatoral: It is not the tool ... It is how it is used via Melissa Edwards #ntcamp
    31. RT @WhiteheadsClass: I have updated my site with a section called "Technology for Teachers." Take a look. #ntcamp
    32. RT @paulawhite: RT @njtechteacher: A Google Docs Gifted Gab session w/ @geraldaungst @paulawhite #ntcamp #edu21
    33. RT @kylepace: RT @cspiezio: RT @CoachB0066: "We call them cell phones, but they're mobile learning devices" via @tomwhitby #ntcamp #edu21
    34. RT @DoremiGirl: RT @thomasjwest: @Edukateme M-Audio KeyRig49 is inexpensive & all you need for Sibelius/GarageBand <~ #ntcamp
    35. RT @educatoral: 12 Healthy Habits to Grow Your Online Presence and Keep Balance Your Life via Cool Cat Teacher #ntcamp
    36. RT @kylepace: @cybraryman1's page of educational chats on Twitter: #ntcamp #edu21
    37. RT @kylepace: @web20classroom giving out shoutout to @ghartman for creating #ntcamp #edu21
    38. RT @mbteach:Should students be thinking of projects in backwards design-what tools should I use to achieve my goal?<---YES! PROJECT? #ntcamp
    39. RT @kylepace: RT @kenroyal: #ntcamp Watching best song and dance man since Astaire: @tomwhitby talking @twitter and #edchat
    40. RT@google:Today's the day for #lifeinaday-film your day & help tell the story of a single day on Earth youtube)" class="tweet-url web" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
    41. RT @blairteach: RT celfoster: The live stream for #ntcamp is back on: #ntcamp #edu21
    42. RT @blairteach: Here's the link to the video @tomwhitby is showing: #ntcamp
    43. @ShellTerrell Due to my lack of smart phone, I had to wait to get back to my laptop to send this. Anyway, WISH YOU WERE HERE! @tomwhitby
    44. RT @wfryer: New post: Storychasing Summer Camp #edchat #edu21
    45. RT @kristenswanson: @andycienek Symbaloo: #edchat #edu21
    46. RT @kylepace: RT @web20classroom:Here's the link to our Smackdown Doc.Feel free to add your own: #ntcamp #edu21 #edchat
    47. RT@flourishingkids:RT@jswiatek:@shellterrell 's blog shared at #ntcamp.You MUST check out ths blog!
    48. RT @web20classroom: Uh oh...@paulawhite and @pammoran doing our last tool for the we go!<-I THOUGHT I WAS IN FOR IT #ntcamp
    49. RT @paulawhite: RT@stevejmoore:If U dont seek out opinions that U're strongly opposed 2&seek 2 understand them,U R cheating yourself.#ntcamp
    50. RT @blairteach: "How the media affects the message" during Smackdown <--- Marshall McCluhan was the man! #ntcamp
    51. RT @DrTimony: Rubrics=CYA tactic. Students shld B given every oppty 2 demo understanding. Grades not the issue as much as qual tchg. #ntcamp
    52. RT @plnaugle: I just shared a very easy tool to use to build a website via SKpye w/ @web20classroom at #ntcamp <-AWESOME!
    53. RT @mbteach: Do rubrics really allow for differentiation?<-I think if the rubric is tiered appropriately then it has that potential. #ntcamp
    54. Twiducate is an AWESOME way of using Twitter in the classroom.
    55. @Google is my significant other. #ntcamp
    56. RT @ShellTerrell: If you truly feel you're the writer of your destiny, you decide the ending. - Outlander #quotes #ADM
    57. RT @andycinek: Broadcasting live now! See me at #ntcamp smackdown #edu21
    58. RT @blairteach: RT @kylepace: "Make teachers aware of the world're not confined to your 4 walls." via @mbteach #ntcamp
    59. @mbteach Thanks for the RT!
    60. @ShellTerrell I can't wait!
    61. RT @web20classroom: Alright #NTCamp. Lets get the Smackdown going! <--- BRING IT ON!
    62. RT @mpowers3:Check out the great convo in public Google doc from Creating a Great Ed Tech Course w @mbteach & @alesnick
    63. RT @irasocol: Multimedia Sources #ntcamp #edu21 #edchat
    64. "We need to start changing the minds of the teachers that are teaching our teachers." @web20classroom #ntcamp
    65. RT @plnaugle: Parents also need to be taught about digital footprint and digital safety. (#ntcamp live at )
    66. RT @plnaugle: Great idea - set up a Twitter acct for your student teacher. (#ntcamp live at ) #edchat #edu21
    67. @ShellTerrell We wish you were too! #ntcamp
    68. RT @web20classroom: I, on a PC, am in a room filled with Macs. #IAmARebel <--- YOU'RE AN OUTNUMBERED REBEL!
    69. RT @hadleyjf: Brain makes meaning from images before it does from text @pammoran #ntcamp
    70. RT @paulawhite: #ntcamp amazing resource for primary source ALREADY done.
    71. RT @kylepace: RT @web20classroom: Cool resource shared in our session: Serendip: #ntcamp
    72. RT @robertshutter: RT @vdovault RT @AFather_And_Son:#TheReThink:How Are Email, Facebook, Twitter Audiences Different?
    73. @mbteach @tomwhitby @web20classroom @kylepace By the way,panel discussion was AWESOME. It's great to converse w/members of my PLN in person!
    74. RT @kylepace: I'm in @mbteach's session on How To Create A Great EdTech Course. #ntcamp <---ME TOO!
    75. RT @web20classroom: RT @gcouros: 70 Ways to Keep Students Engaged Some great ideas here! #ntcamp
    76. RT @web20classroom: #ntcamp kicks off with @cybraryman1 going over the rules of the day! <--- This guy is AWESOME!
    77. RT @mbteach: Check out my session at 10:00am: Creating a Great EdTech College Course in the AV room. It will be livestreamed, too. #ntcamp
    78. @mbteach Gotcha! Hmmm... How's about you give them out to teacher who RTed or blogged about NT Camp...? Oh, and HI! : )
    79. RT @mbteach: Need a good idea for giving out tee shirts at my #ntcamp sesssion! <---Most tweets about information learned at NT Camp?
    80. RT@dancallahan:I got talked into doing Things That Suck(for new teachers).topic suggestions welcome! <-I PROMISE THIS WILL NOT SUCK! #ntcamp
    81. I didn't have my GPS on me, so I had some trouble finding the place, but I am finally at #ntcamp!