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"A Poem About Education" by Frank Williams


by Frank Williams

Education is not the filling of a pale,

But rather a fire that grows beyond control,

With flames that burn and reach high,

And contribute the pieces of your whole.

The more you attempt to learn,

The more you will come to know,

The more you will get better,

And the more you shall grow.

So don't ever give up,

And don't ever give in,

For you will have to fail,

Before you can win.

Unless perfection is something real,

Unless you and enlightenment meet,

Unless there is nothing more to know,

Learning is never truly complete.

Live a life of learning,

Be a student through and through,

Let your flames burn bright,

And aspire to maximize your E-D-U!

TeachMeet NJ

TeachMeet NJ is a conference for educators focusing on innovative practices in pedagogy, as-sessment, and technology integration.

Rutgers University - Center for Mathematics, Sci-ence and Computer Education SERC Building 118 Frelinghuysen Road Piscataway, NJ 08854

8:00am-5:00pm on Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Registration:



Who is the conference designed for?

The conference is primarily geared towards teach-ers, administrators, and educators, although anyone who is interested in or concerned about education is welcome.

There will be sessions that are relevant to all positions, content areas, and grade levels. The primary focus of the conference are:

 Effective Technology Integration

 Innovative Pedagogy and Assessment Practices

 Meeting the Needs of All Students

Fresh Ideas for Education!

Innovative Format:

All sessions will be hands on and interactive. There will be 3 main types of sessions:

 1-hour sessions and panel discussions that go in depth on topics.

 15-minute sessions that are organized around a topic. These are fast-paced and expose edu-cators to many new ideas that they can imple-ment.

 5-minute participatory sessions where mem-bers of the audience get to share their ideas on a particular topic.

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5 Symbols of Who I Am


 I selected this image as a symbol for passion, because I believe that when someone is passionate about something, they have a fire burning deep-down inside of them; a fire in their eyes, if you will. When I commit to doing something, I give my all. I believe that if you are going to do something, then you should do it the right way and give nothing short of your best. One of my favorite quotes is from the legendary runner, Steve Prefontaine. He said, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." I always make a conscious effort to utilize my "gifts" and not leave any room to question whether or not I gave it my all.


 I selected this image as a symbol for innovative, because I believe that there is risk and reward involved when it comes to innovation. When you dare to do something differently, there is a chance of failure. There is a possibility that your ideas and actions might lead to your downfall. However, there is also the prospect of doing something that lights up the world and leads to greatness. The risk of falling flat on my face doesn't sway me, because the reward makes it worthwhile, especially if the innovation sparks from a true and noble place. I like to light things up!


 I selected this image as a symbol for artistic for a few reasons. First of all, I took this picture when I was in Brussels, Belgium. I love photography. I take A LOT of pictures. I travel quite a bit, so photography is something that I have developed a talent for. Secondly, the image is a video store and features the word 'cinema'. Not only do I love movies, but I am also an actor, writer, director, and producer of independent film. Then, there is just the design element. I love the colors and structural style of the storefront. It's 3-D with graffiti and good, vivid imagery. I can identify with all of these things and I feel that the quality of being artistic is accurately communicated through this symbol.


I was raised a devout Catholic and I go to church most Sundays. My spirituality helps guide me in life. My mom has always told me to "live like Christ" and to ask myself, "What would Jesus do?" So, I have always practiced this, and this mindset has helped me through some tough times in my life. The image of the cross is an obvious symbolism of my Catholicism and religious roots. I selected the Celtic cross, because I am Irish Catholic.


 I selected this image as a symbol for adventurous, because I think that whenever you do something visceral and exciting that perhaps could compromise your safety and/or livelihood out of a thrill-seeking spirit, you are dangling from the edge of reason and insanity. In the picture, we see a man doing just that; dangling from the edge. I am an adventurous type.  I like to try new and different things. Whether it is skydiving thousands of feet into the open air, bungee jumping from a rail bridge, zip-cord gliding across the jungle, running with the bulls, swimming with the sharks, or eating exotic foods in strange lands, I am game! In fact, all of those things appear on my "bucket list" and some have already been checked off. I like to be daring and throw caution to the wind to feel a real sense of excitement. I like to feel alive, even at the risk of death.